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  • How do I register?

    If you are not already a client of Fresh accommodation and would like to take advantage of any of our services please contact us using our online enquiry form or simply complete our online registration form.

  • I have registered with the site, but can't log-in. What should I do?

    Your online registration will be sent to us and once we have contacted you and confirmed your requirements we we activate your account to use the online booking services. Only when you have recieved email confirmation from us that your account has been set up will you be able to log-in and use these services. If you have any queries regarding your account setup please email

  • I have activated my account but still can't log-in. What should I do?

    The website uses 'session cookies' to securely log you in and out of the site. Please ensure you have cookies 'enabled'. If you do not know how to 'enable' cookies please click here or refer to the help files specific to your web browser. If you still have difficulty logging in, please contact with details of your computer operating system i.e. 'windows XP' and the browser you are using i.e. 'internet explorer'.

  • I am using an AOL browser and can't log-in. What should I do?

    If you are experiencing difficult logging in such as constantly being informed that your username or password is wrong and you are sure they are right it may be due to the fact you are using an AOL browser. To solve the problem please carry out the following actions listed below. These instructions are for AOL 7 for Windows but other versions are very similar.

    1. Clear browser's cache memory
      Click MY AOL and select Preferences on the AOL menu bar.
      Click the WWW button.
      Click the General Tab.
      Click Delete Files.
      Click OK.
    2. Clear browser's cookies
      Go to keyword: Preferences
      Click Internet Properties (WWW)
      On the General Tab under Temporary Internet Files, click the Delete Files button. If you have a Delete Cookies button, click that.
      Under History, click Clear History button.
      Click OK and close the Properties window.
    3. Configure browser to accept cookies
      Select My AOL
      Select Preferences from the Settings menu
      Select Internet Properties (WWW)
      Select the Security tab
      Select the Internet Zone, then select the Custom button at the bottom of the window. The Security dialog then appears.
      Scroll down to the Cookies section and select Always Accept Cookies
      Click OK
    4. Lower security setting
      From the AOL Toolbar, select Settings
      From the settings menu, select Preferences. You see the AOL Preferences window.
      From the Organization column, click Internet Properties.
      From within the Internet Properties window, click on the Security tab.
      From the Web Content Zone, highlight Internet (which is associated with the world globe icon).
      Locate the Security Level section and use the slider to set the security level to Medium and then click Apply
      Click OK to exit.
    5. Restart Browsers
      Close all open browsers and reopen browser. Now try logging in again.
  • I could log in ok yesterday but today I can't. What should I do?

    It's probably due to a problem with 'cookies' again! Within Internet Explorer and along the top menu bar click on 'tools\internet options' In the centre of the new window is a section named 'temporary internet files' Click on the button 'delete cookies' you will be asked to confirm your action, click OK to confirm followed by OK to close the 'internet properties' window. Now try and log in again.

    Please note that this action may affect some other websites you regularly visit whereby a stored username etc. may no longer be stored and you will manually have to re-enter it once in order for it to be saved again.

  • I am unable to choose a service on the 'Book Services' form?

    The site uses JavaScript to give a more interactive experience. You must enable JavaScript in your internet settings. This can be rectified by resetting the security settings to medium. This is the same process as enabling cookies. Please view the instructions found here

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